Listen online to Naomi’s music here, or explore some of the musical collaborations that she is currently a part of:

The Vessel Project

The Vessel Project is an innovative coming together of four creative minds to explore the inner life of a song and to express it in new ways. Led by the songs themselves through Naomi’s interpretation and vision, the accompaniment takes the shape of layered soundscapes created by multi-instrumentalist Ewan MacPherson and percussionist Magnus Lundmark, while artist Brigid Collins fashions intricate ‘song vessels’, a visual response to the imagery and emotion of the songs. Find out more: SongVesselProject


Lurach formed when Naomi first crossed paths with Lucy Macrae and Rachel Harris in Benbecula in the beautiful Western Isles. Firm friends ever since, Lurach grew out of many nights spent sharing tunes in cosy kitchens, drinking tea, braving snowy hills in Angus, rainy nights in Argyll and wild weekends in Limerick. Winners of a prestigious Danny Kyle Award at Celtic Connections, Lurach explore Scotland’s Gaelic & Scots song traditions and play tunes gathered in both Scotland & Ireland. The result is vibrant, distinctive music; a sparkling mix of fiddle, flute, whistle and song. Find out more: lurachmusic


Samling combine Scottish Gaelic and Scandinavian song to meld the beauty of both cultures into a magical and masterful sound. The two lead singers, Naomi and Anne Sofie Linge Valdal weave together the bright strands of the two traditions into a vivid tapestry of harmony and rhythm. A unique, captivating and exciting collaboration creating a musical soundscape unlike anything you have heard before.

The Minstrelsy Tryst

Naomi is a member of The Minstrelsy Tryst, a redoubtable crew of reivers who will take you on a foray deep into the Debateable Land of the Scottish Borders, a land steeped in myth and history, from which Sir Walter Scott drew inspiration and material for his ballad collection ‘The Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border’. The ballads are brought to life by traditional singers and ballad experts from the School of Celtic and Scottish Studies at the University of Edinburgh.


"Naomi is a beautiful singer with a deep knowledge and love of song" - Sheena Wellington