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Group BookingsSong Workshop at St.Ann's Gaelic College, Cape Breton

Learning in numbers can be a great fun experience. If you’re a member of a singing group who are looking for something to expand your repertoire, or have a few like-minded friends who would like to learn some traditional song, why not make a group booking?

Group bookings can be really flexible in format and can focus on whatever your group wishes – whether that’s delving into the history of the big ballads, or trying out some harmony singing as a group, or simply working on your own vocal technique and repertoire within the fun social atmosphere of a group. Get in touch via the contact page to discuss format and prices.


If you run a festival or song event and would like to offer traditional song workshops, whether in Scots, Gaelic or both, please get in touch. Naomi has taught for various organisations and festivals, including Fèisean, the “I loved singing as a group, being introduced to new songs and learning about the stories behind the songs… The tutor’s presence brought all this together with her extremely knowledgeable method.” Michelle Letowska Glasgow Fiddle Workshop, the Braemar Arts Festival and Ceòlas; and also further afield in Ireland, Brittany, Estonia, Russia, Finland and Canada.

Workshops can range from formal, informative presentations on the history of traditional song in Scotland (with plenty of audience participation and chances to sing along thrown in of course!) to workshops focussed on the songs of your local area or simply just learning a variety of songs from across Scotland. As an experienced whistle player Naomi also offers whistle workshops for a range of abilities and can also lead beginner classes in traditional Scottish step dance.

"Naomi is a beautiful singer with a deep knowledge and love of song" - Sheena Wellington