‘Song-Scroll’ Workshops

IMG_3122‘Song-Scroll’ workshops explore the imagery of song and bring it to life in a fun, collaborative, theatrical setting. Drawing on a form of folk-art that is making a comeback on the other side of the pond in North America, the song-scroll (or ‘crankie’ as they are known over there) takes the form of a moving panorama of images used to accompany songs, stories and tunes. Naomi first became interested in creating them when forming ideas for The Vessel Project which focusses on how visual images stimulate memories and emotion during song performance.

A song-scroll workshop is an ideal way to get creative about your singing, and are suitable both for groups of children and adults. It can add a real highlight to a festival, with the finished ‘crankie’ performed for other festival attenders, and can help explore the history of local songs and deepen participant’s knowledge of what the songs mean and where they come from. If you’d like to book a song-scroll workshop for your group or festival, get in touch via the contact page.



"Naomi is a beautiful singer with a deep knowledge and love of song" - Sheena Wellington